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The Vision

 Strengthening Our Fellowships
 Serving Our Flocks 
Sharing Our Faith
 Securing Our Future!

The Bureau of Church Growth and Development vision is to provide leadership that will fortify our faith and secure our future being fully persuaded and disciplined enough to pursue holistic Christian development of our denomination, with the aid of the Holy Spirit. We will provide faithful stewardship over all that God has entrusted to us; mental, physical, and spiritual resources. Furthermore, our goal is growing personally, spend time wisely developing our minds through the study of God’s affirming, stimulating, authenticating, and liberating word.

We have discovered that God’s word is indeed, “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path” (Ps 119:105). We also have discovered that Christian stewardship is a way of life involving the understanding that everything we are and everything we have are gifts from God. We strive to let everything we do – in our worship, in our leadership, in our discipleship, and in our stewardship – reflect back to God profound gratitude for the life He gives and the love He continuously pours on us.” 

"We are THE FREEDOM CHURCH: : Empowered by the Holy Spirit engaged in Strengthening Our Fellowships; Serving Our Flocks; Sharing Our Faith and Securing Our Future!

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